love marriages have spurred considerable social shifts by challenging the notions of which class of people is allowed this privilege. from the loving case, which struck down laws banning interracial marriages, to the more recent same-sex ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, marriage has been used as a tool to simultaneously reinforce and undermine discrimination.

under the current administration, a new hierarchy of value has been established, creating another marginalized and maligned group: immigrants.

we want to celebrate the power of transnational marriage (union between a u.s. citizen and a foreign national) as a refutal of current anti-immigration sentiment.

we will be exhibiting immigration forms necessary for securing marital benefits in the “Familiar Boundaries. Infinite Possibilities.” Exhibition opening october 11, 2018, at the August Wilson Center, in pittsburgh.

in january 2018, shortly before the start of the 116th congress, we will host an intimate dinner coupling immigrants with u.s. citizens in the hope of sparking a transnational romance. maybe love will happen, maybe even love marriages? because why not?